Hi, my name is Cristi Burcă.
I make software useful.

Companies I've Worked With

Fusion Media Group
W3 Edge
Russmedia Tech
3 Pillar Global

Projects I've Lead


The open-source solution for WordPress automation.

Posts 2 Posts

Robust library for complex content relationships.

Romania 3D

Interactive 3D map of the population of Romania over time.

... and many more.

Cristi is an incredibly strong engineer whom I learn from on every project. He has a rare ability to understand systems in depth and form opinions on how they should all work together.

Daniel Bachhuber
Daniel Bachhuber

Services I Offer

I can help you...

  1. Estimate the total development effort needed for a particular project.
  2. Start a new project with the best technology, code structure and tooling.
  3. Diagnose problems in an existing project and figure out effective solutions.
  4. Hire competent developers to continue working on your project.


Send me an email any time:

[email protected]