Filter Email Notifications

Alert: This plugin is no longer under active development, because I left WordPress.

Filter Email Notifications: Version 0.7

This little plugin still hasn’t lost it’s usefulness.

So I’m making it to work with the next release of WordPress (2.9) and onwards.

This also means that it won’t work with older versions. See why.

Filter Email Notifications: Version 0.6


You’re the only user who can create posts and moderate comments on your WordPress installation.

You have both ‘Email me when anyone posts a comment’ and ‘Email me when a comment is held for moderation’ options checked.

You get an email about a comment awaiting moderation and you approve it.

The problem is that right after that you get a second email letting you know that a new comment has been posted, which of course you already know about.


Instead of disabling email notifications for new comments alltogether, you can use this plugin and not receive the redundant emails mentioned above.