A new release with a lot of small but noticeable improvements:

Two new editable fields

In version 1.3, you can also edit your site’s title and description. You won’t go changing those very often, but it’s nice to know you can. :)

Skinable WYSIWYG editor

The rich text editor now respects image alignment. What’s more, you can make the editor window look however you want. Just add your own CSS into a file named front-end-editor.css and place it in your theme’s directory.

If you’re a JavaScript ninja, you can go even further and tweak it’s behaviour using event triggers baked into the new version. See /inc/editor/editor.js.

Slug updating

When you edit a post, the post’s slug will also be updated, when appropriate. For example, say you have a post titled “My Greatest Post Ever”.

If the slug is the default one -  “my-greatest-post-ever” – and you change the title, the slug will also be updated.

But, if you had previously set the slug to “greatest-post”, it will remain unchanged when you edit the title.

Other improvements

  • option to disable highlighting
  • compatibility with the postThumbs plugin
  • added Polish translation
  • better XHTML markup