Let’s get right into it:

Post thumbnail switching

If your theme supports native thumbnails (introduced in WordPress 2.9), you will be able to change them by double-clicking on them.

Editable options

Similarly to editable_images(), you can now have editable bits of text anywhere in your theme. For example:

<?php editable_option('blurb'); ?>


Today's mood: 

<?php editable_option('mood'); ?>

It’s like text widgets, without the widgets. :-)

No more autogrow

If you’ve been using the basic text editor, you’ve probably had your share of frustration with the autogrow script. After switching from Autogrow to Growfield without much improvement, I’ve decided to stick to a normal textarea with a scrollbar.

The rich editor is not affected by this.

Configurable nicEdit

I’ve added two buttons to the rich editor panel: font-family and font-color. More importantly, you can now select which buttons you want to use. Just paste this code in your theme’s functions.php:

function configure_fee_nicedit($config) {
	$config['buttonList'] = array(
		'bold', 'italic', 'strikethrough',
		'left','center', 'right',
	return $config;
add_filter('front_end_editor_nicedit', 'configure_fee_nicedit');

See the available configuration options.

Upgrade instructions

If you have custom code written for the plugin, read on:

Renamed hooks:

front_ed_fields -> front_end_editor_fields
front_ed_allow -> front_end_editor_allow
front_ed_disable -> front_end_editor_disable

Renamed CSS classes:

.front-ed -> .fee-field
.front-ed-{filter} -> .fee-filter-{filter}
.front-ed-container -> .fee-form