Plugin Help Wanted

I have released or adopted a bunch of plugins over the years. Some of them are obsolete, while some are still quite popular. However, my enthusiasm for developing and supporting them has diminished significantly over the years.

Instead of letting them fade into oblivion, someone suggested that I ask for help from the community. So, if you are using one of my plugins and you want to ensure that they still work going forward, read on.

I’ve made a spreadsheet with the list of plugins up for adoption, which I’ll update as new maintainers are found.

For each plugin in that spreadsheet:

Each plugin has its own Github repository, which is then deployed to via a script. I can continue taking care of deployments, if you don’t want to or we’ll figure something out.

The more complex plugins use scbFramework, which is pretty stable.

To signal your interest, either leave a comment here or send an email to, mentioning your username (and github account, if you have one).

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