Avant Window Navigator is a dock-like window and launcher manager for Linux. The newest version (0.4) is available for testing.

Why is it awesome? Because it allows me to combine the two boring Gnome panels into one slick OS X / Windows 7 like dock.

I placed it on the right side to maximize the available vertical space, which is very scarce on my laptop screen:

AWN in action

After deleting the first Gnome panel, I found out that the second one can’t be removed. So I set it to auto-hide instead and put the AWN panel over it. It works suprisingly well.

I didn’t like the reflections so I set the Panel Offset to 0 in Dock Preferences -> Advanced.

I also set the Notification area background color to gray, so that the icons shipped with Ubuntu Jaunty look alright.

Now it’s just the way I like it. :D

You can read more about the new version over at OMG! UBUNTU!