What I’m about to show you are functionalities that I’ve actually needed at one point or another, but which aren’t featured proeminently in the github interface.

In both cases, start at a repository’s home page. For example:


See commits from a certain user

  1. Click the Stats & Graphs button.
  2. Click the Contributors tab.
  3. Click the name of the contributor you’re interested in.

You’ll end up with an URL like this:


See issues assigned to a certain user

In Github Issues, it’s really easy to see tickets assigned to yourself, but no apparent way to view tickets assigned to others. There is a method, but it’s rather convoluted:

  1. Click the Issues button.
  2. Do a random search using the Issues & Milestones search box.
  3. Select “Assigned to” user from the dropdown on the left.

The final URL will be:


Search through code or commit messages of a repository

Just append /search to the repository URL:


For more hidden goodness, see GitHub Secrets and Git and GitHub Secrets.