It seems like most people that follow me on Twitter still think that I’m involved with WordPress. I haven’t done any WordPress-related work in over 6 months and I don’t intend to do any WordPress-related work in the future.

I stopped using WordPress at the end of 2012. I stopped contributing to WordPress completely more than a year ago. All my plugins have been up for adoption for quite a while. Six months ago, I gave the reign of WP-CLI to Daniel Bachhuber and it seems to be going well. I don’t blog about WordPress anymore and I don’t go to WordCamps either.

Ok, but why? A couple of reasons:

Firstly, technical aspects: crappy language (PHP, an ancient version to boot) and crappy architecture (everything touches WP_Query, a god object if I ever saw one).

Secondly, slow development process: I think one of the required ingredients for the success of the WordPress platform is its commitment to backwards compatibility. The downside is that WordPress is stuck with its crappy architecture forever and improvements take a lot more effort to land.

Lastly, I realized that there’s a whole world out there beyond web content management systems that I wanted to explore.

Having said all that, I will miss the WordPress community. It’s hard to leave behind all the friendly faces I’ve spent so much time with online (and sometimes even offline), but it’s something I have to do.