Besides the built-in template tag, custom_field_image(), now we have the [<i></i>cfi<i></i>] shortcode, which means that not only can you put the image anywhere in the layout, but anywhere in the post content, too.

Other Features

Easy install: theme code editing required only for advanced use.

Bulk management: import, export and delete images in one click.

Simple management box under the post editing screen:
Custom Field Images management box

Settings page:
Custom Field Images Options Page

Version history

  • 1.6: added shortcode; duplicate alt. text as title
  • 1.5: import / export functionality; option to automatically link to associated post
  • 1.4: extra attributes for image link
  • 1.3: one field per image instead of 4
  • 1.2: general improvements
  • 1.1: added page support
  • 1.0: initial release