Another substantial update for y’all:

Revamped Admin Page

New CFT Admin Page
The new admin page is built up entirely of shiny 2.7 style boxes. They work just like the ones on your dashboard.

The admin page has been moved to Posts -> CF Taxonomies for easier access. There is also a new feature to add default values.

Enhanced sorting

Version 1.1 introduced an option to display posts with a relevance less than 100%. Now you have an extra option to also adjust the relevance based on the order of the query vars in the URL.

For example, if your URL is, posts that don’t have bar=yyy, but have foo=xxx will rank higher than those that have bar=yyy but don’t have foo=xxx.

Important bugfix

In earlier version, if you used query_posts() anywhere in the template file that was used by the plugin, you would get all kinds of errors. Not anymore:

Now you can use query_posts() and even have multiple loops on the same page and CFT will only modify the main loop.