It’s been a year and a half since the initial 0.1 release. Posts 2 Posts has come a long way since then and it’s been a very interesting journey.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.0:

Indeterminate connection types

Initially, connection types were organised exclusively around post types. Since version 0.9.5, you can use arbitrary query variables to define the sides of a connection type.

And with this release, there’s a clear distinction between regular connection types and indeterminate connection types, which are a lot easier to control now.

Improved support for ordered connections

You can now order connections both ways. Also, you can get the previous and next post in the list. See Connection ordering.

If you have actors and movies, it’s a lot easier now to get other actors that have played in the same movies as a particular actor. See the wiki page about related posts.

Additionally, you can show related posts using the widget.

More connection field types

In previous versions, a connection field could be either a text input or a dropdown. Now, you can also add radio buttons, checkboxes and textareas. See Connection information.

You can see all the tickets closed for this release on github: