UI Changes

With the WP 3.2 admin refresh, the connection box UI also received an overhaul:

A significant enhancement in this version is the ability to create draft posts from the connection box. The idea is to be able to make the connections first and then write the content. Hat tip to Oren Kolker.

Additionally, when a post is not published, you will see it’s status. Props Michael Fields for the suggestion.

API Changes

p2p_each_connected() has been revamped to, hopefully, make it easier to use. There’s a detailed tutorial on the wiki:


Also, there’s a new function called p2p_list_posts() which takes a WP_Query object or an array of posts as the first argument and outputs a simple unordered list of links to those posts.

Finally, there are 3 new query vars that can be used to get connected posts ordered by a particular connection field. More details on the wiki: