Better titles

If you go to an URL like ?genre=jazz&instrument=guitar+piano, the page title that WP serves looks like this:


Not very descriptive, is it? With QMT, it looks like this:

Genre: Jazz; Instrument: Guitar + Piano

Easy templating

It was painful seeing users modify the plugin PHP files, just to change from <h4> to <h3> or to add an id to some div. No more.

In this version, all the HTML is separated into distinct files, which can be overwritten by themes. Here’s a guide for doing that.

Remember the tutorial for customizing category walkers, which involved writing your own PHP class and a helper function on top? What if you could do it without writing any PHP at all?

<li class="term-item {{#is-selected}}current-term{{/is-selected}}">
		<a class="remove-term" href="{{url}}" title="{{title}}">{{name}} (-)</a>
		<a class="add-term" href="{{url}}" title="{{title}}">{{name}} (+)</a>

This is the default Mustache template that is used by the plugin to generate a hierarchical list of terms.

I’m really excited about using Mustache in WordPress, as it neatly fills the gap between providing a settings page and making the user write PHP code.