While developing plugins for WordPress, I found that one of the most time-consuming and error prone tasks was creating user-friendly settings pages.

That is how this framework was born. It’s basically a set of extensible classes that make plugin development faster. I already use it in most of my plugins.

It requires PHP5 and WordPress 2.5 or newer.


This by far the most useful class. With it, you can create any type of form element without writing a single line of HTML.


This is a class that handles storing and updating plugin settings in a single field in the wp_options table.


This class extends scbForms to provide an easy way to create custom admin pages.


This is an extension to the scbOptionsPage class that lets you easily create dashboard-like pages with collapsible boxes.


This is a class that lets you create wp-cron schedules easier.


This class makes scbForms work with the new WP_widget class in WP 2.8.