PHP5 requirement

In order to run version 2.70 or newer, your host needs to be running PHP5. If you get a fatal error on activation, ask your hosting provider to upgrade your account from PHP4 (which is old, slow and a security risk).

To see what PHP version you’re really running, add this line to wp-config.php:


You can get the earlier version of the plugin from here.


First of all, I’ve trimmed down the default pagenavi-css file so that it integrates better with your theme, out of the box.

If you don’t want to display a certain part of the navigation, like the “previous page” link, you can simply go to the Page Navigation Text section, on the settings page, and clear that field.

Also, you can now insert HTML code in those fields. This is useful if you want, for example, to display an image instead of the usual “»”.

The “Uninstall WP-PageNavi” section was removed. Cleanup will be performed automatically when you uninstall the plugin from the Plugins page.

Finally, If you need super-advanced customization, you can use the ‘wp_pagenavi’ filter.