Deviant Thumbs

Alert: This plugin is no longer under active development, because I left WordPress.

Deviant Thumbs: Developer Wanted

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on deviantArt, or even visited the site. As such, I can’t really get myself to give this plugin the attention it needs.

So, if you’re interested in adopting this plugin, let me know.

Context: DD32 just announced that he’s looking for volunteers for some of his plugins, including dDeviantArt.

Deviant Thumbs: Version 1.9

Previous versions of this plugin relied on two rather fragile features:

For retrieving the items from DeviantArt, it used Yahoo Pipes. This service severly restricted usage recently, which resulted in no thumbs being shown.

For loading site pages faster, the plugin used file-based caching. The problem with this is setting proper file permissions, which is never fun.

That’s all gone now: version 1.9 uses the SimplePie class, bundled in WordPress. It retrieves items directly and also takes care of the caching.

Deviant Thumbs: Version 1.8

Now you can have multiple widgets with devious thumbs.

I’ve used Alex Tingle’s multiWidget class, which I’ve adapted to my coding habits. You can expect all my plugins to receive multi-widget support sooner or later.

Important: If you’re upgrading from an older version, your current widget settings will not be preserved, unfortunately.

Deviant Thumbs: Version 1.7

In this version I have replaced the previous carousel script with a new one, made by yours truly. The main advantage is that it’s much smaller and way easier to modify and improve. Any suggestions are welcome.

Deviant Thumbs: Version 1.6

This version adds inline thumbs, just like on dA: :thumb98765:

:thumb94406358: :thumb46180464:

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