Over the last several weeks, there has been a steady stream of improvements going into Front-end Editor, largely as a result of your feedback. I’m happy to see people are using the plugin in interesting ways.

First of, several users requested a way to allow only certain posts to be editable. This is easily done now, with a few lines of code. See examples here.

Secondly, there are two new editable fields: If you’re on a category archive and your theme uses single_cat_title(), you will be able to edit the category title on the spot. The same goes for tags.

Other improvements:

  • added $echo parameter to editable_post_meta()
  • don’t load CSS or JS if the current user can’t edit any of the fields
  • switched from Autogrow to Growfield (fixes IE compatibility)
  • added Georgian translation (thanks to Levani Melikishvili)

Thanks to those who suggested improvements and did beta testing.